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Relaxing Destress Massage... Let our licensed massage therapist help you to rejuvenate, relax, and rebalance. Massage therapy is known to bring harmony to the Mind, Body & Spirit!
 "Our Massage Therapist With Their Healing Touch Bring Heaven On Earth" By Jana Marcelino Spa Director
Sports Massage
A deep muscle massage using acu-pressure, range of motion and stretching exercise. Recommended for athletes who play vigorous sports such as basketball, football, racquetball or runners.
50/80 minutes $95/$145

Hot Stone Massage
Take yourself away from the stress of your day with relaxing, warm basalt river stones. Carefully placed in sensitive pressure points in your body and combined with fluid massage strokes, this unique experience brings tremendous tranquility.
Hot Stones Massage is a necessity for busy lives. 50/80 minutes $110/$155
Couples Massage
Enjoy any of our basic massages such as deep tissue, Swedish, therapeutic, with your significant other, as the two of you receive a treatment in our special room for two.
50/80 Minutes $190/$290

Aromatherapy Massage  
Pure essential oils are selected for your body's individual needs and applied with gentle therapeutic massage.
50/80 minutes $95/ $145
Neck & Shoulder  
This relaxing massage focuses on the area where we accumulate the most stress and tension.
50/80 minutes /$95/$145

Lymphatic Massage  
Light-touch massage therapy assists your body in building a healthy lymphatic and immune system.
50/80 minutes $95/$145

Deep Tissue Massage  
A combination of moderate to deep pressure that uses a variety of techniques to release tight sore muscles.
50/80 minutes $95/$145

Therapeutic Massage  
Combination of traditional and deep-tissue techniques enhanced with therapeutic sport oil.
50/80 minutes $95/$145

Kinesiology Massage
Kinesiology is a form of therapy that uses muscle testing (bio-feedback) to look at imbalances that may be causing disease in the body. Kinesiology is an art, a skill that takes a number of years of study and diligent practice to master. Its theory is partly based in the ancient Chinese acupuncture theory of chi energy. Kinesiology research shows that energy circuits or pathways, as well as the nervous system, link all the systems and tissues of the body. Particular muscles are shown to be connected to certain systems. A muscular change may represent an energy imbalance in the corresponding collection of organs and tissues, which may cause or contribute to disease and pain. 
50/80 minutes $95/ $145
Thai Herbal Poultice Massage
This energizing, rhythmic massage utilizes Lemongrass scented, herbal poultices that are heated and then applied to the body at pressure points to relax the muscles and release tension. Your therapist then follows with an array of eastern and western massage techniques including, effleurage, kneading, and acupressure movements combined with Peppermint and Mandarin essential oils that will take your body on an exotic journey of total renewal and well-being. Originating in the 14th century for war weary soldiers returning from battle, in the 21st century it's the perfect antidote for body aches and pains of work weary road warriors returning home!
75 Minutes $155.00
New! Partners Healing Touch Massage
Enjoy learning the basics of massage in order to nurture your partner and receive the same in return. Your guide will create a safe, supportive and relaxed atmosphere, leaving you with the skills to create this very pampering experience for each other at home. You will be given 2 bottles of your own personalized oils to continue the joy of sharing.
 100 Minutes $400
Custom Massage
Create your own massage. Does your back and neck need a full hour? Do you want a massage with some reflexology, or maybe a massage finished with some energy work? Our therapists will be glad to tailor a massage suited just for you utilizing their individual areas of training
60/90 Minutes $95/$145
Acu-points Massage
This natural healing system of China uses many different strokes that are applied to acu-points and muscle groups to move Qi through the meridians. Received while wearing comfortable clothing.
50/80 minutes $95/$145

Healing Sounds Massage
Based on the theory of vibration medicine, this unique full body massage combines energy therapy with the healing sounds of a Tibetan singing bowl. It promotes harmony and balance by releasing the blockages that originate in the etheric body.
50/80 minutes $90/$145 
Polarity Massage
Therapeutic, relaxing treatment involving hands placed along the energy meridians, stretching, and light rocking to bring the body's own energy into balance.
50/80 minutes $95/$145
New! Ayurvedic "Yogi"
Yogic massage is a scientifically redefined deeper level tissue massage combining principals and techniques from both yoga and Ayurveda. The power of this work is the series of body opening stretches that open, release and align the body. It is progressive in intensity, moving deeper and deeper in the body. It is similar to shiatsu or Thai and traditional ayurvedic stroking massage (abhynaga) but it is a completely different system of therapeutic bodywork. In this massage we use hands and feet both in a certain harmonious sequence combining variety of unique techniques, strokes, feet pressure, walking on the body (feet massaging the back, hands and legs), pulls, joint release and stretches.
Massage 80 minutes $285
Chose from Our list of Aromatherapy Massage
 Energize Aromatherapy Massage.
This massage is very softening , energize, and nourishing to the body especially the nervous system.
50/80 minutes $95/$145
Lavender Harvest Aromatherapy Massage
This massage is deeply  relaxing, soothing and helps to naturally balance the bodies energy.
50/80 minutes $95/$145

Swedish Massage
Swedish Massage is a full body light touch massage which helps to relax the body. The Swedish massage strokes promote relaxation and helps calm your body and spirit.
50/80 minutes  $95/$145
Shiatsu Massage
Massage based upon the Oriental energy meridian system, this therapeutic massage stimulates pressure points to rebalance the body and relieve tension and stress.
50/80 minutes /$95/$145  
Massage Table Thai
This dynamic massage has roots deeply seated in Thai tradition of healing the body. Often described as blend of shiatsu acupressure and yoga stretches, it is performed on a massage table without the use of massage oils. The guest remains fully clothed. Prepared to be starched, pulled and compressed with the therapist's thumbs, feet to achieve a deep sense of relaxation and peace. Please wear comfortable clothes.
80 Minutes $120

Reflexology Massage
This massage is based on the pressure points of the feet and their effect throughout the body.
50/80 minutes $95/$145

New Moms Massage
We believe that new mothers need very special “pampering.” This period of intense body change is both exciting and stressful. We use a variety of massage techniques to ensure relaxation and rejuvenation of the body and the spirit.
50/80 minutes  $95/$145
Pregnancy Massage
Done in the side lying position using a specially designed set of pillows and cushions that distribute the body's weight equally and safely. Benefits include an increase in circulation, a decrease in swelling, a strengthening of the immune system and the reduction of pain and discomfort associated with strained, stretched or out of place muscles and joints. This massage also improves the immune system.
50/80 minutes $95/$145

Baby Massage
Many experts say that the birth process for the baby is extremely stressful since it was in such a peaceful ,and warm environment for 9 months. Massage is a good way to help the new born adjust to its new environment.
30minutes $65      

Cellulite Massage
Concentrated pressure designed to stimulate circulation to release the fat from areas where it is trapped, allowing it to flow out and be purged from the system. "Pressurized Cupping Therapy" may also be used to help stimulate circulation to the problem areas. A series is recommended for best results.
50/80 minutes $95/$145 

Cellulite Massage with IPL
Unbelievable results are what you can expect from this service. By combining the newest technology of IPL (Intense Pulse Light) and specialized cellulite massage - dimples start to disappear. The IPL unit uses infrared light technology to penetrate deep in the "adipose" layer of fat to breakdown the fats that cause cellulite dimples and markings.
50/80 minutes $110/$150

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