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Before having 20 Fat Bruner Body Wraps!

After Having 20 Fat Burner Body Wraps!

Wraps and Treatments

Skin Care Of Arizona's exclusive Slimming,  Inch Loss, Detox Body Wrap's has been featured on The Tyra Banks Show, EXTRA , Entertainment Tonight, Woman's World Magazine and The Ellen Degeneres Show!

Fat Burner Body Wrap  
This wrap is designed to target "hard fat/resistant fat areas" such as hips and thighs. During this wrap you are wrapped with ace bandages soaked in an enzyme that helps to break down fat (lipo), After 30 minutes, we unwrap and then wrap you on the mineral solution for 30 minutes which will help to remove toxins. You can lose 6 to 30 inches with the fat burner body wrap. 
90 minutes- $210

Testimonial - "I think the body wrap can definitely produce results. It is a revolutionary way to lose inches and improve the overall feeling of health for an individual." C. T.

Power Body Wrap  
New and improved version of the mineral body wrap. Invigorates and energizes your mind and body while you slim down problem spots. Designed to tighten and firm soft tissue specially in the midsection. You can lose 6 to 20 inches with the power wrap.
60 minutes - $140

Testimonial - "I have lost 22.3 inches. My skin is softer and tighter. I felt more energized and happy. I feel so much more motivated and ready for a life style change! Just what I needed!" S.R.

Anti-Aging Body Wrap
This wrap can put you on the road to a slimmer, younger-looking you. Clients love this body wrap since it helps to dramatically reduced flabby skin. They notice that the skin is noticeably tightened and elasticity is improved. This wrap is effective in improving inch loss in stubborn area to lose. you can lose 6 to 20 inches with this wrap.
60 minutes $140

Mineral Body Wrap  
The mineral body wrap was developed over 30 years ago to detoxify, take inches and tightening skin without dehydrating the body. It is safe healthful. You are guaranteed to lose to 6 to 10 inches with the mineral body wrap. 

Testimonial - "I lost over 17" and my skin felt refreshed. I can wear a shirt and jeans that were very tight before (tight?...well, actually I couldn't get them on!) and are comfortable now (she wore them out!). The dress for my daughters wedding had to be altered (2 inches down each side) so it fit properly. Thank you for the experience!"
For best results a series is recommended

Wrap Preparation
Bring a change of undergarments to change into afterwards. Ladies can wear bikini or cotton fabric underwear with full back. Gentlemen - it's best to wear boxer briefs, no regular boxers please. Do not apply lotion the skin right before appointment.

NEW wrapping technique Turbo Twin
Direct from intense training - our technicians are buzzing with excitement over this revolutionary concept. The TURBO-TWIN wrapping technique targets hard to slim areas - while enhancing your comfort during treatment.  Whether you battle troublesome thighs, challenging under arms, pudgy waistlines or other areas - these are no match for this innovative double wrapping technique. Unwrap your new figure with the freedom of TURBO-TWIN today! Just make sure to request for it. The cost to add the New Turbo Twin wrapping technique is $35 
Did you know that the human body is made up of minerals? That means its really important to always take a good mineral supplement. This will help the body to detoxify (when ever you detox the body you lose inches and weight) and also helps to keep the skin nice and tight and young! Minerals are not vitamins. We do carry a very good mineral supplement which you should take every day its called Mineral Magic. Our Mineral Magic comes in a liquid form which is the best way to take supplements because the liquid gets delivered right into the blood stream which makes it stronger then taking a capsule supplement.
Mineral Magic- $59.99 (this price includes tax and shipping)

Visual Tour Of The Body Wrap.
Skin Care Of Arizona Body Wrap's will help to tone, firm
 and remove Inches from the body in just 60 minutes!

A trained wrap technician wraps the patron in bandages soaked in our exclusive mineral solutions. Carefully sculpting the body with each placement of the porous bandages.


Q. How Does The Body Wrap™ work?
A. Metabolic waste, chemicals, stress, medication and pollution in our environment overload body systems, causing water retention and soft, spongy, cellulite-ridden tissue. Wrapping techniques allow the mineral solution, soaked into the bandages, to assist the body to cleanse itself, visibly tightening skin, compacting tissue and firming-up the body quickly.

Q. How Much Will I Lose?

A. We always take into consideration that each person is different and may have specific goals in mind. Total inch loss is determined by pin point measurements of the body (upper arms, chest, hips, thighs, calves, midriff, abdomen, etc.) before bandaging, then re-measuring after the process.

Q. Is The Body Wrap™ a heat or sauna type treatment?

A. NO. Although the wraps are applied warm, your body will feel cool. For your comfort, a poncho is put on you to help you retain your own body heat.

Q. What do I wear while I am wrapped?
A. Women are wrapped in a bra and panties (no girdles, please, as they make accurate measurements impossible). Bring a change of underwear because what you are wrapped in will be wet. Men are wrapped in swim trunks they bring with them.

 Body Wrap Success Story
“For years I have tried different diets and exercise programs. I had these “saddlebags” on my hips and by my second wrap they disappeared along with all those extra inches. I t was amazing!” – D.M.
“I and a friend came for our first wraps three weeks ago. We were both doubting what the results would be. However, we were both pleasantly surprised! I lost 26.5 inches and my friend lost 24 inches! Now on my second wrap I’ve lost at least another dress size! I am so excited! Plus it keeps working even after it’s done!” – N.B.
“After only a few wraps, my cellulite has almost disappeared!” – E.L.
“I’m a size 4 so, I didn’t think that I would see a big difference. And when I arrived in Phoenix I began retaining water (10 pounds) due to the weather change. I did 3 Fat Burner Wraps back-to-back and lost over 10 inches! There is an obvious inch and a half distance between each inner thigh now, even my husband noticed and he never notices anything. Before my wrap my thighs were touching now they are not. Yes!” – M.B.
Testimonial - "I brought in a pair of slacks that were extremely tight and could not be fastened in the front. After three wraps they now fit and are comfortably loose. My skin has been continuously moist and soft. If believe that this treatment is of great benefit!" D.S.

Health Tip Of The Day:  We recommend that all clients really serious about losing weight keep a health diet, that means not a lot of carbohydrates and more high protein. High protein helps the body build lean muscle which in turn will help to burn fat faster and lose weight. This means stay away from sodas, breads, pasta, sugar, chocolates, fast foods. Also stay away from coffee! Coffee causes a lot of toxins to be stored in the body which in turn makes it harder to lose weight. Coffee creates cellulite because the body stores up caffeine as toxins. Its important to eat a health diet, you are what you eat , if you eat a healthier diet then you will look and feel healthier! Not to mention that having a health diet will make you look years younger! This means no over eating, even the good stuff because over eating is not good for your health..

Body Wrap Phoenix Arizona

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Tanya Dropped 5 Dress Sizes With The Help Of The Body Wrap!









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Skin Care Of Arizona has been serving Arizona for the passed 17 years! It was voted the best Day Spa in Arizona by Arizona Day Spa Guide!  They offer the best services. Some of the services offered are facials, microdermabrasion, photo-rejuvenation, massage, cellulite massage, hot stone massage, deep tissue massage, waxing services, Brazilian bikini wax done by Brazilian born bikini waxing expert, acupuncture YOGA, meditation, Pranic healing.  Areas that Suddenly Slimmer has been serving Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Chandler, Avondale, Sedona, and Flagstaff.